Amber joined aged the Royal Army Medical Corps in 2005. After basic training and medical school she was posted to Afghanistan where she was part of the Heli-med evacuation teams. This was followed by trips to Kenya Canada and Brunei as well as working in the medical centres at Pirbright and Tidworth She married a soldier and their son Brandon was born in 2011. Sadly the marriage didn’t work out and the couple separated. Unfortunately due to injuries sustained on duty she was medically discharged in 2016. She was diagnosed with PTSD as well as suffering with two knee injuries. On being discharged she struggled to find somewhere to live. Her mental health declined and she ended up being homeless with her five year-old son who also has disabilities.

Help for Homeless Veterans, a member of the Cobseo Housing Group, stepped up and provided a one bedroom bungalow as a stop-gap to get her out of random hotels and hostels. The agreement the charity has with Doncaster Council through its Community Covenant work and linked with their Social Housing Provider St Leger Homes, enabled them to offer Amber and her son a home in South Yorkshire immediately when they were contacted.

Amber remained in the property for just over two years. Subsequently they have returned to East Anglia to a new build social housing property. Amber said “You have given us both a home and gave us hope again but also the support we both needed it. You helped us get out of sleeping in random hotels and hostels”.

Veteran Amber and family

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