The Armed Forces Covenant is recognition that those who have served the country in the Armed Forces, when returning to civilian life, need to be supported.

Support for veterans is a question of having the right policies in place such as staff training to make sure that veterans are identified if they apply for housing.

Cllr David Morton, Representative for the Armed Forces Community, Hammersmith and Fulham Council

The No Homeless Veterans campaign provides information and resources to help Local Authorities identify and respond to the needs of homeless veterans.

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Homeless Link are working on a downloadable toolkit for Local Authorities and homelessness charities, containing guidance and information on housing veterans, good practice examples and information on organisations for signposting.

This toolkit will include applicable guidelines when processing housing requests from ex-Servicemen and women in England, Scotland and Wales.

Military sector organisations

We are fortunate that in the UK there is a wide range of independent and government-led organisations that provide specialist support to veterans on housing, employment and many other issues that veterans may face on leaving the Armed Forces.

The Veterans’ Gateway is the first point of contact for veterans in need of support and will link them to the most appropriate help that is available.

The Directory of Housing and Support Services for Veterans has been developed by the Cobseo Housing Cluster.

Online Training

There is an excellent e-learning training module on the Armed Forces Covenant website entitled Housing, Homelessness and the Armed Forces Covenant. The training has been developed by the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Armed Forces Covenant partnership and we encourage all local authority housing staff to complete this to help you in supporting ex-Service personnel. More information can also be found on the Armed Forces Covenant page here.

Other Resources

The Welsh Government has produced a best practice guide for third sector and partner organisations involved with supporting former members of the Armed Forces, the National Housing Pathway for ex-Service Personnel (Wales)


We have developed a printable leaflet that also serves as a reference for the campaign and poster for display in offices and other work environments.

Download printable leaflet (front)

Download printable leaflet (back)


With funding from The Forces in Mind Trust, veterans’ housing charity Stoll, Riverside and the Cobseo Housing Cluster commissioned two-stage research from the University of York on the housing issues veterans face and how best to support them, both during and after their transition to civilian life:

  • Meeting the Housing and Support Needs of Single Veterans in Great Britain
    The first stage of the study looked at the nature of housing and support needs among veterans. This 2014 report highlighted areas of the country with the greatest shortfall of affordable homes to rent for veterans.
  • Accommodation for Single Veterans: Developing Housing and Support Pathways
    This 2018 report shows how some vulnerable ex-Servicemen and women end up homeless, and addresses how the Veteran sector could better respond to the housing and support needs of single veterans. A Call to Action was also published alongside the report.
  • Report: Armed Forces Charities’ Housing Provision
    This report provides a comprehensive account of the housing provision offered by the Armed Forces charity sector, with a foreword from the Co-Chairs of the Cobseo Housing Cluster.
  • The Veterans and Families Research Hub
    This is a complete compilation of research on veterans’ housing and other issues faced by former Servicemen and women, funded by the Forces In Mind Trust.
  • Veterans’ Homelessness Prevention Pathway
    This report from the Veterans Scotland Housing Group discusses it’s leading ambitions to Housing in 2040, for homeless veterans.