Andy Daniels

Andy served between 1984-1990 in the Royal Green Jackets 4th battalion with additional experience working in a hostel and as a civil servant. He left the Army voluntarily after five years. Later, Andy realised he had underlying mental issues while travelling on the London Underground, battling claustrophobia, anxiety and PTSD. He experienced nightmares, insomnia and traumatic attempts before the Veterans’ Mental Health, St Mary’s St Pancras and Hammersmith and Fulham intervened and prescribed antidepressants.

Andy initially heard about Stoll through a friend who lived here. Originally from Islington, he did not venture much into South West London till the day of his interview seeking residency in March 2018. He moved a few times with Stoll before settling permanently in Fulham in 2019.

During his road to recovery, Verity, Andy’s caseworker at Stoll recommended he becomes more proactive in his daily ventures. Finding tranquillity by the River Thames, Andy began drawing beautiful landscapes and 5 years on, continues to produce stunning sketches and drawings at various locations across London.

Without the assistance of homeless veterans’ charities, Andy argues that he would not be here and is extremely grateful for organisations such as Stoll.

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