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Frequently Asked Questions

In response to the questions being raised during the consultation, we will update this page to highlight some of the questions – and provide answers.

Q) What would be in the space between the new building and the stadium?
We hope to get clarity on this aspect soon. We have been told that there would not be much building there, but have not seen the plans.

Q) How many guestrooms would there be?
There is one on the design and we are considering incorporating additional guest rooms.

Q) What are the plans for the laundry?
Stoll would gift each tenant a washing machine in the new properties.  We would try and maintain laundry facilities on site during the building phase.

Q) What would happen to parking?
We are proposing 37 secure resident parking bays, underneath the proposed new building with priority for existing tenants with cars. As with now, there would not be enough spaces for every visitor to find a space and the priority will be those who live here and need to park. During the build there would be very little parking on site, but we would provide alternative parking (probably a residents permit) at no cost to residents who have a car.

Q) What would happen to my belongings if I have to move?
If the proposal goes ahead, the new flats would have increased storage compared to the existing ones with fitted wardrobes, modern kitchens with integrated appliances and more cupboards. We recognise many people have possessions and furniture, and we would do our very best to help you with these in a new flat. We would arrange for the disposal of anything you no longer wanted.

Q) If the proposal goes ahead, will I get any support with moving?
Yes. Everyone would be compensated. Stoll would provide a full removal service including packing and moving. Stoll would provide a handyman to put up pictures, shelves and mirrors etc., or to construct furniture. There would also be staff who would help you with all the administration such as Council Tax, utilities, change of address etc.  We would want to make the move as seamless as possible.

Q) If the proposal goes ahead, what would the new tenancy conditions be?
You would keep the same security of tenure as you have now as long as you stay within a Stoll property.

Q) What about rents?
Apart from inflationary changes, as per normal, your rent would not change unless you moved to a property with a different number of bedrooms in which case it would go up or down accordingly.

Q) Why don’t we have a public meeting?
The next Residents’ meeting is on 13th February and this is a really good opportunity to ask any questions you wish in a public setting.  At least one Stoll Trustee will also be present.  In public meetings it is often the case that a few voices dominate.  This is why we want to continue one-to-one meetings and other channels so everyone can give their opinion.  This is best practice and is working well at the moment; we are hearing from a much broader range of tenants than we normally do which is really positive.  If you would like to book a one-to-one meeting or give some feedback then please do so at Reception or with a support worker.

Q) If the proposal goes ahead, would we get a say in the design?
Yes. The consultation is about the concept at this stage and not the design. It is very likely that the design would change. Should the Board decide to proceed, there would be several opportunities for you to participate in workshops on the design of the proposed building-we would want tenants to have as greater sense of ownership over their new home as possible.

Q) If I want to move on from the Estate, when would the compensation become available?
The compensation would be available if and when the Trustees make a decision to proceed with the proposal, which is anticipated to be April (not a definite date).  If a tenant would like to move on before April they can do so and they would receive the compensation in retrospect, but only if the redevelopment proceeds.

Q) What would the compensation payments be for joint tenants?

As stated in our consultation materials, if we take the proposals forward, we would compensate tenants for the disruption of moving and building works. We have also clarified to joint tenants that compensation payments would be made per household (at the time the property is vacated) rather than per tenant (as originally stated in the consultation materials and which we have corrected).

This is because home loss compensation is due per tenancy (and therefore per household), rather than per tenant. However, our proposal is to go beyond the statutory minimum and offer each household a £7,000 compensation payment, if the proposal is adopted. As the consultation materials also state, any household needing to move twice would be compensated twice. If people decide to move on from Stoll, £16,000 compensation would be offered per household.